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Posted over 1 year ago by Umberta

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Installing charge-lnd on GetUmbrel to automate your fee policies. Guide by The_Lorax!!

Posted over 1 year ago by

I've just followed the guide below to automate an hourly change to my channel fee policies:

I've customised the config file to set 0 base fees across all channels unless there are low sats left on my side (in which case use 9999 base fees to effectively disable routing from my side). 

All channels get a proportional fee per ppm. So if there is a high balance on my side the fees will be low and as my balance decreases the fees increase.

No more manual channel config changes :)

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Moving to a new node!

Posted over 1 year ago by WolfBlitzer

Hey all, in the relatively near future (within the next month) I will be moving my channels to a new node. I will reopen each channel to everyone in my triangles. Once I do, it would be great if you would reopen your channel to me. I will post more information about the node once I have it up and running. Thank you!

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Igniter2.0 for a more coordinated ignition of ROFs

Posted over 1 year ago by hippiebro

Just checkout the repo:
For big ROFs it is sometimes the case, that when you coordinate a ignite fees propagate very slowly (gossip protocol). Therefore this script has the ability to set all fees to zero, and it is only important that the channel owners has set the fees to zero too. So you can ignite a ROF more coordinated without a lot of waiting time. The script constructs a payment and sends it through the network.

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Open channels to key nodes helping El Salvador's efforts

Posted over 1 year ago by LN+

IBEX Mercado, a major payment processor in El Salvador wrote on Twitter:
We are happy to announce that we have onboarded dozens of merchants with hundreds of store locations in El Salvador to be ready to accept LN/BTC payments. We would greatly appreciate some inbound liquidity to help us with the #hyperbitcoinization of the region.

Here are their nodes if you want to open to them (minimum 2M SAT):

OpenNode is a global payment processor that helps companies like McDonald's process their payments. Their nodes:

Official Chivo wallet's node:

As I come across other key players, I will add them to this post.

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We're flying the El Salvadorian Flag

Posted over 1 year ago by LN+

Congratulations for being the first nation state adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender!

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Let's make a new world...

Posted over 1 year ago by deej

...where we control our own financial destiny by just using good old immutable MATH!

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Perfectly balanced as all things should be

Posted over 1 year ago by Cuaritas

I developed this script for fun to  pefectly balanced your LND node as all things should be.

Note: you do not need to rebalance your channels all time, it can be expensive to rebalance some channels read this:

Inspired by Igniter and Balance Of Satoshi. It is based on rebalance-lnd by Dr. C-Otto and uses it under the hood. It is pretty straightfoward, you can list your channels and rebalance them, some examples:

List all channels within tolerance 0.92:
./ --tolerance=0.92 list
./ -t=0.92 list

Default list within tolerance 0.95:
./ list

Unbalanced channels being rebalanced max fee 10 sats and tolerance 0.97:
./ --max-fee=10 --tolerance=0.97 rebalance
./ -m=10 -t=0.97 rebalance

Default max fee 50 sats and tolerance 0.95:
./ rebalance

Rebalance with max fee 10 sats and tolerance 0.98, ignoring channel id '761128128258703361':
./ --ignore=761128128258703361 -t=0.98 -m=10 rebalance

Feel free to check the code here: or keysend me 1 sat :)

lncli sendpayment --keysend 03e7299ced214b19b87ed87979462d9aee3ec07a42fe6e2211854bfa4cb32b0bb8 1 # sat

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Admiring my node!

Posted over 1 year ago by BhaagBoseDK

image.png 5.69 MB

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Lost my node because of hard drive failure. Trying to recover fund...

Posted over 1 year ago by satoshi.village

Lost node. Trying to recover funds.

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Altruistic Watchtowers for LND

Posted over 1 year ago by Lightning Hoarder

Watchtowers are an utility for Lightning Network nodes to protect them against outdated channel states being published by counterparties. They do so without having to trust them with any key material, just the responsibility of checking chain state and publishing them when necessary.

This is something you should be using on your node. In this post we will discuss specifically Private Altruist Watchtowers for LND. We also have a list of several up-to-date watchtowers ready to use.

From Watchtowers | Bitcoin Optech:
Watchtowers send LN breach remedy transactions (justice transactions) when they detect that one of their client’s counterparty has broadcast an outdated channel close transaction.

The service provided by watchtowers allows their clients to go offline for significant amounts of time without having to worry about their funds being stolen by a counterparty. Watchtowers are not entrusted with any funds, just the responsibility of monitoring the block chain and broadcasting transactions, although breach remedy transactions can be designed so that the watchtower receives a portion of the safeguarded funds if their services are needed.

On LND you can connect to remote watchtowers, but also run your own. Check the  LND Documentation | Private Altruist Watchtowers for more general information about them.

Watchtowers do not store transactions directly, but they are given encrypted by your node. The only way they can decrypt them is after an obsolete commitment is published on-chain. At that time they will publish the punishment (they cannot alter this transaction), and you have been protected against a malicious/failing counterparty without your node having to be online. It is recommended to use multiple watchtowers to not depend on single ones. If you want more technical details, check the BOLT13 draft

Most watchtowers run on Tor addresses, although there are a few running on clear net IPs. As such, having Tor at least outbound is recommended to use watchtowers.

To add a new watchtower to LND, you can run a command like this (with an example tower):
$ lncli wtclient add 025d21fc580d854052e7087670ac85283dd10db7b273fc697827520a34360279db@looplnk2vszfniwkiqi66pq5tpkuslzobpo3x6jkpgjzm4jbq7i6f5qd.onion:9911

If you are looking for watchtowers to use, there are several resources:
  • openoms/lightning-node-management#4 "Watchtower list" on Github, where various people post their own watchtowers. Some work, some don't. Feel free to post yours.
  • Known LND Watchtowers on, listing various Tor and Clear Net addresses that have been tested to be working. These addresses have been collected from GitHub, Reddit, 1ML, and other sources. It is updated regularly.
  • Watch Tower Directory on Several nodes have self-tagged with Watch Tower tag, though most don't run one. See their descriptions for any watchtowers, very hit/miss.

If you want to add many in bulk, you can use this command, that uses the lists provided on
curl | xargs -L1 lncli wtclient add

Hope you enjoy, and have a safe Lightning journey!

- Lightning Hoarder

If you want to send any tips, feel free to KeySend my node or use

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