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Liquidity Swaps

ln+ liquidity swap triangle

Liquidity swaps allow multiple node operators to mutually open channels, benefiting all parties.

Each liquidity swap involves a specific number of participants and has a predetermined size, duration, and potentially other rules.

Joining an existing liquidity swap will increase your incoming liquidity and ensure you have a balance your node. Alternatively, initiate your own swap and define its rules.

Liquidity Pool

ln+ liquidity pool

The Liquidity Pool system facilitates node operators in opening channels with each other, ensuring mutual benefits.

By connecting to a node within the pool, you earn liquidity pool credits, which can later be exchanged to encourage other nodes to open channels to your node.

If you prefer not to earn credits by initiating channels, you have the option to purchase them using satoshis.

Watch Swaps

ln+ watchswap

Watch Swaps are agreements between node operators designed to protect each other's nodes with a watchtower service.

These swaps ensure your node is protected against malicious attempts, even when offline, while you offer protection to another similarly sized node in return.

Layers Academy

Learn about Bitcoin, Lightning and other second layer technologies

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Bitcoin Essentials

The "Bitcoin Essentials" course provides an in-depth exploration into the crucial aspects of Bitcoin usage and security. It begins with an introduction to seed words, explaining their role in gener...

Bitcoin Faculty Course

Introduction to Bitcoin

The "Introduction to Bitcoin" course explores Bitcoin's inception, including its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto, the foundational whitepaper, initial transactions, and key developments. It examines t...

Bitcoin Faculty Course

Understanding Money

Embark on a journey through the evolution of money with the "Understanding Money" course. This enlightening series delves into the history and development of financial systems, from the barter syst...

Lightning Market

Lightning Network enabled Products, Services & Content

Visit Neutronpay


Neutronpay is a Lightning Payment Solution that offers a range of products, including an API designed for businesses across all regions. Additionally, it provides an app that caters to both businesses and individuals, with a special emphasis on...

Visit Blockstream


Blockstream is a bitcoin company focused on developing advanced infr and apps. Key projects include: Liquid Network, Blockstream Satellite, Blockstream Mining, Blockstream Green: A Bitcoin wallet offering 2FA and multisig, and Core Lightning.

Visit Speed


Speed is like Stripe, but it is only for bitcoin lightning. You can use the Speed platform without having any technical knowledge. We have bitcoin payment solutions for every use case, and if you can't find yours, we'll design one for you.

Visit LQwD


LQwD (TSXV: LQWD, OTC: LQWDF) has secured 100 plus Bitcoin and using its holdings to establish nodes and payment channels on the Lightning Network, and to operate its Platform-as-a-service that makes it easy for companies to integrate and use the...

Node Explorer

Member Nodes

Redwing Cherokee
Capacity: ~1.158 BTC
Public Channels: 36
Min Channel Size: 1.0M SAT
Liquidity Credits: 810.0K SAT
Connection: Tor
Rank: 6 / Tungsten
Capacity: ~2.31 BTC
Public Channels: 84
Min Channel Size: 100.0K SAT
Liquidity Credits: 56.701M SAT
Connection: Tor
Rank: 8 / Gold
Capacity: ~1.935 BTC
Public Channels: 65
Min Channel Size: 1.0M SAT
Liquidity Credits: 6.04M SAT
Connection: Tor
Rank: 9 / Platinum
chapmanjw 🐧
Capacity: ~0.584 BTC
Public Channels: 45
Min Channel Size: 1.0M SAT
Liquidity Credits: 31.008M SAT
Connection: Tor
Rank: 8 / Gold
Capacity: ~0.276 BTC
Public Channels: 12
Liquidity Credits: 5.36M SAT
Connection: Tor
Rank: 6 / Tungsten
Capacity: ~0.149 BTC
Public Channels: 16
Min Channel Size: 50.0K SAT
Liquidity Credits: 1.415M SAT
Connection: Clearnet / Tor
Rank: 5 / Titanium


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