Bitcoin Lightning Network Node

Capacity: ~1.411 BTC / Public Channels: 48

Connection: Clearnet / Tor
Rank: 6 / Tungsten
Clearnet Lightning Address
Tor Lightning Address

The organisation connects African retailers to their customers and making Bitcoin payments as fast and as cheap as possible for African users. Africa Free Routing is run on a non-profit basis. All profits they make go towards Bitcoin education and...

Last seen 2 months ago · Joined 9 months ago


Hubness Rank: 1365

Weighted for channel sizes: 1952

Lower numbers are better. Measures influence of a given node in the network. Better ranks imply a well-connected node that is linked to other well-connected nodes.

Hopness Rank: 2331

Weighted for channel sizes: 4838

Lower numbers are better. Measures how many hops it takes to reach any node on the network. The better the rank, the fewer the hops are required to reach other nodes.

Betweenness Rank: 243

Weighted for channel sizes: 279

Lower numbers are better. Measures how often this node falls on the shortest path between other nodes. The better the rank, the more likely the node will route a payments.

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This bitcoin lightning network node identified by the pubkey: 023b3ec101c9ab4e060b345d7d6b1728f5ca2db1e21bda9a88f2b9f6b1a3825ef9 also known by the alias: NigeriaFreeRouting is accessible on the lightning network address: 023b3ec101c9ab4e060b345d7d6b1728f5ca2db1e21bda9a88f2b9f6b1a3825ef9@ and 023b3ec101c9ab4e060b345d7d6b1728f5ca2db1e21bda9a88f2b9f6b1a3825ef9@ad7oxaixzy7gpjjw4kslubkriysmz3av2fgk6ywhmpvmduxn3nbhllqd.onion:9735 .

The node has 48 channels, and a total channel capacity of: 141,114,321 Satoshis, which is equivalent to ~1.411 BTC. The node's hex color is #171787. The information regarding this node and it channels has been updated last on 2024-02-21 14:12:16 UTC.

This node page has been claimed by user: NigeriaFreeRouting and has been verified through a digital signature as well. The user has created their account 9 months ago, and has been last seen 2 months ago.

The user has not yet participated in any swaps on LightningNetwork+. The node operator has not yet opened channels to other LN+ users through Swaps. The user has not yet received positive ratings from other users.

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