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The Host

Posted 1 day ago by MuRa$cHaL

the epic hardware

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Posted 11 days ago by Zenos yae Galvus

 I am sorry,  I had a Bitcoin Node failure. I was a force to  download the entire blockchain again and I had to use a backup command to recover my bitcoin funds, but it will close my channels. Please close any channels you have with me. I am working to rebuild lightning channels in future after I build a more robust node with better back ups.

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My fees structure

Posted 14 days ago by AFRICA🌍

Many new nodes that open a channel to Africa complain that I set very high fees to their nodes. This is true, I make this automatically since I don't want HTLC errors on my ability to route from my node to your node. But, the moment the liquidity flows to my node, the fees will automatically change and probably, unless you are a liquidity sink, my fees to you will be zero. So please don't ask me to change my fees to you if 100% of liquidity is on your side, this is intentional and working as intended.


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Posted 15 days ago by SanHauf_Node_01

Everything Badass...

Glad to get on board with 

Thanks to @utxo for the point in this direction.

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Migrating node to new hardware and public key

Posted 22 days ago by Less Relevant

The time has come to upgrade my routing node to new hardware. I'm going to perform this migration the clean way by closing channels and starting over (I'm not going to risk funds with a database/file migration).

Old Node:
  • Gracefully and affordably close as many channels as possible
  • Force close the rest
  • Send remaining BTC balance on-chain to new node

New Node:
  • Build a new node using better hardware and configurations
  • Receive on-chain BTC balance from old node
  • Use LightningNetwork+ to open most of my channels (fewer and larger)

To all of my Lightning friends with open channels to me, all of our Channel Durations are fulfilled. Thank you for being a great channel partners. Should you wish to pair up with me a gain, please lock for new Liquidity Swaps from me. Optionally, my new Public Key is below if you don't want to wait.

Node Name (alias): 

Old Node:

New Node:

I expect this process to take 2 to 6 weeks, depending on swaps, fees, and my patience. I'll start in March 2023.

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Upgrade in progress

Posted 23 days ago by AFRICA🌍

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Lightning makes bitcoin as a currency

Posted 24 days ago by Fugazi_Fiat

Providing liquidity to show that bitcoin is a payment currency too! Please keep your base fee as close to 0 as possible for better routing. Try various different experiments and connect with good peers.  

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Shutting Down LN

Posted 27 days ago by .

It's been a good learning process, but the time for routing is over, for now.
Thank you everyone for the discussion, advice, and routing.

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Expected Downtime Announcement

Posted about 1 month ago by ️⚡ 2FakTor ⚡

Hello, dear peer of #LightningNetwork⚡️, I will be moving to a new location in the next few days, I hope it won't take more than 1 day to be back. Sorry for my time offline, please don't close our channel, I'll be back soon 🫂

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there is a interesting new deal from JoyeuxNoeul

Posted about 1 month ago by JoyeuxNoeuel

check it out on the node details

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Posted about 1 month ago by Go Brrr | LND


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