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The world's first native Lightning parimutuel betting platform.

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D-Central Technologies

We are your comprehensive Bitcoin mining partner, built on the three core pillars of Mining Hardware, Mining Infrastructure and Mining Support. We offer all-inclusive mining hosting services, tailored consulting, and high-quality hardware supplies.

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Delphi is a prediction market based on the bitcoin lightning network. Currently, the market is running on mutinynet since it's still WIP.

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Explore the essence of Bitcoin in an exclusive Din A2 format. The Bitcoin Whitepaper – elegantly presented, perfect for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

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Sats For Ads

Sats for Ads is a platform that allows you to earn sats (satoshis) by viewing targeted ads. Advertisers can create targeted Lightning Address campaigns to reach potential users.

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Eagle Sats

Eagle Sats is a platform that allows users to send messages directly to the market through the Lightning Network. It's a new and innovative way to advertise or simply say hi using Bitcoin.


Custom Bitcoin Lightning Addresses for your favorite Lightning Wallet. Plenty of domains to choose from to step up your online presence and to take control of your payment streams. Also usable as a spam protection tool or to control Satvertising.

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Satograms is a digital marketing service utilizing the Bitcoin Lightning Network to send paid messages, or Satograms, to a wide audience. Advertisers pay a minimum of 1 satoshi per message, plus network fees and a 10% service charge. The...

Visit lets anyone receive bitcoin lightning network payments with just their email address. Recipients get a welcome email with helpful wallet setup info and a claim link. No accounts, passwords, or detailed KYC.

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Cipherchat is a private messaging web application that leverages the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It offers end-to-end encryption for secure communication, allowing users to connect their Lightning nodes for messaging. The platform is self-hostable,...

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Coinsnap is a Lightning Payment Provider and offers Bitcoin and Lightning payment processing for online stores. As a merchant, you only need a Lightning wallet with a Lightning address to receive Bitcoin and Lightning payments from your customers.

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Original Kush Roots

Painter based in Senegal, passionate about painting, my goal is to spread more and more art on clothes. Art should be everywhere, not just in museums. I was able to make the front page of the New Tork Times as an influential woman in fashion. I...