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Provably fair blackjack with bitcoin lightning!

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Looking Glass Education

The Looking Glass is an all-in-one educational platform built with the intention of empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures. Their focus is on building and showcasing timeless educational content that is easy to read and...

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BC Game

BC.GAME is a crypto casino accepting Bitcoin and Lightning that prioritizes a player-centric approach. It offers a range of gaming options, including in-house games, live casino, slots, and sports betting on various events like football and...

Visit offers a cryptocurrency exchange service for over 30 types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning (LNX), which can be transferred directly to the user's wallet. The service does not require registration, email, or the...

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Instantly buy travel eSIM with Bitcoin Lightning Network ⚡️ No KYC or email required

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Aqua Wallet

The Aqua wallet is a user-friendly, non-custodial Bitcoin wallet offering several features: full SegWit support for reduced fees, a Lightning wallet for instant transactions, a Liquid Bitcoin wallet for faster transactions with lower fees, and a...

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BitcoinVN Shop

Authorized hardware signing devices supplier in Vietnam - Lightning accepted Direct delivery of Blockstream Jade, Coinkite (Coldcard, Tapsigner, Satscard), Trezor and Ledger devices in Vietnam.

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SuLu ( offers a service for monetizing APIs using the Lightning Network, a fast and secure payment system. Their solution includes setting up a lightning paywall, customized landing pages, analytics, insights, and the option for...

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The world's first native Lightning parimutuel betting platform.

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The app Yzer is a gamified education application focused on financial literacy, specifically in areas like Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and stock markets. It aims to make learning engaging and efficient by offering short, visually appealing classes....

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D-Central Technologies

We are your comprehensive Bitcoin mining partner, built on the three core pillars of Mining Hardware, Mining Infrastructure and Mining Support. We offer all-inclusive mining hosting services, tailored consulting, and high-quality hardware supplies.

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Delphi is a prediction market based on the bitcoin lightning network. Currently, the market is running on mutinynet since it's still WIP.